• Here’s our current line-up of players. If you are interested in any of the vacant positions and would like to join this progressive, hard working, but very friendly band, then please contact the band secretary and have a chat. If there isn’t a vacancy listed then don’t let that put you off calling as we often have a little re-shuffle if it means the band will benefit. We welcome anyone to our rehearsals, so if you are in the area with nothing to do on a Monday or Friday (7.30 for 7.45), then please feel free to come and have a blow for the evening. You can stop for a beer and a chat after the rehearsal in the band club downstairs, or pop in just for the beer!

Featured Player

  • Nick Wilson
    Nick Wilson

    started playing when a family friend let me have a go on his trumpet each time I went to visit.

    The sound and also the fact I was the only one at school playing it at the time meant playing the trumpet presented itself as much more of an exciting opportunity than the piano which I was also playing at the time.

    in 1st Baritone